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    Tutorial- Instalare Psycho Stats 3

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    Tutorial- Instalare Psycho Stats 3

    Mesaj Scris de AL1eN la data de Vin Dec 19, 2008 12:40 am

    Inainte sa incepeti instalarea , asigurativa ca aveti urmatoarele softuri instalate:


    Active Perl


    PHP & GD2

    Incepem cu

    In folderul unde e web serverul (www/htdocs/sau cum e) facem un nou folder numit stats.

    Despachetam arhiva download-ata , si copiem din ea tot ce e in folderul “web” in /stats/.

    Deschidem browserul si deschidem .

    In panoul acela completam cu


    DB Type: default


    Hostname: localhost


    Port: default


    DB Name: numele bazei de date


    Table name prefix: default


    Username: Userul care are acces la baza de date MySQL


    Password: Parola userului care are acces la baza de date MySQL

    aca totul iese bine , ar trebuii sa apara


    MYSQL connection established!

    Version: 5.0.27-community-nt

    Click the 'Continue' button to proceed

    Apasam pe ‘Continue’ si va aparea alt panou numit “Database 'psychostats' already exists!”

    Nu bifam nimic , si apasam pe ‘Initialize Database’

    Dupa ce creeaza tablele apasam pe ‘Continue’.

    Ne apare din nou alt panou unde trebuie sa alegem modul pentru care dorim sa instalam psychostats.


    Select GameType: Halflife


    Select ModeType: Cstrike

    Apasam pe ‘Initialize Database’ si din nou dupa ce creeaza tablele pe ‘Continue’.

    Ne apare un nou panou in care ne spune sa creem un administrator pentru PS3.


    Username: Numele administratorului


    Password: Parola administratorului


    Retype password: Rescrie parola administratorului

    Apasam pe ‘Save Admin’


    The admin user 'NkE' was created successfully!

    You can create another admin user if you need.

    Click the 'Continue' button below when you are done creating admins.

    dupa care pe ‘Continue’.

    Ne deschide din nou alt panou.

    Mai pe scurt , aici ne spune ca Psycho Stats-ul foloseste theme
    compilate , si ne intreaba unde dorim sa punem thema compilata.
    Inlocuiti Path-ul acela cu locatia dorita.

    PsychoStats online installation is now complete! Congratulations!

    Security Note:

    Once you have verified your PsychoStats installation is working you
    should DELETE this install directory! Or a malicious user could
    potentionally destroy your database (and not just the PsychoStats

    The first thing you should do is go to the main stats page by
    clicking here and logging in with the admin account you just created
    and viewing the default configuration under the 'Admin' -> 'Main
    Config' section.

    You want to make sure your configuration is setup the way you want
    it. The first item you need to configure is the 'logsource' which
    defines where your game server logs are located.

    If you require assistance please visit the PsychoStats forums. Or
    you can visit us in our #psychostats IRC channel on
    Please be sure to detail exactly what your problem is, what you've done
    to troubleshoot and the environment in which you're trying to install

    What's Next?


    In order for the player stats to start collecting you need to run
    the If you're going to do that on THIS server then just go to
    the directory where you unzipped PsychoStats and run the
    Otherwise, if you're going to do this on another server (usually the
    game server) you will need to install the local portion of PsychoStats
    on that server. First unzip PsychoStats on the server and then edit the
    stats.cfg to use the proper database settings. Run the to
    update the stats and that's it!

    Instalare completa

    Configurarea Psychostats-ului

    In caz ca Active Perl nu are modulele cerute de Psycho Stats trebuie sa le instalam.

    Mergem in Start > Run si scriem ppm. Alegem modul DBD::mysql si il instalam.

    In arhiva cu Psycho stats 3, gasim stats.cfg.


    # stats.cfg should ONLY contain basic database settings.

    # any other configuration settings will be ignored.

    dbtype = mysql

    dbhost = localhost

    dbport =

    dbname = Numele bazei de date

    dbuser = User-ul cu acces la baza de date

    dbpass = Parola userului cu acces la baza de date

    dbtblprefix = ps_

    Aici modificam dbname, dbuser, dbpass.

    Pentru uploadare-a Psycho Stats-ului , deschidem din arhiva.

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